tea & honey

my mini photo session with my cup of tea & delicious honey that we purchased at St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

Love affair with peanut butter

my little man loves his peanut butter! Oh and not just for eating! He loves peanut butter as a hair product, body lotion, & even enjoys putting it in his ears!

Here is my lil' man & his culinary love: peanut butter:


I want!!

So while reading one of my favorite blogs: Creature Comforts I discovered through her post about this awesome book on Drawing Nature: Jill Bliss | Drawing Nature! She is actually hosting a give away!
Click here for your chances to win this cool boo
k! She also includes a cool video on the post about the book! Just thought you guys would enjoy seeing this & if not browsing Creature Comforts blog! It's definitely one of my daily reads!


My Very First Etsy Treasury Creation

I have never created a treasury on Etsy before until now! It was fun compiling the group & a fun challenge to get it to look just "right"! Please take a look & click around, who knows maybe it will make the homepage!

Here are a couple of the items featured:

Price Reduction at Etsy Shop

Priced reduced (-$6) on all greeting card sets! Great to have around the house for last minute hand written notes or great inexpensive gifts! Check it out at jacquelyn lee photography's shop on Etsy!


jacquelyn lee {photography} update

This beauty is now available for purchase at my etsy shop!

Type in blogfb during checkout & receive 10% off your purchase (excludes shipping) at my etsy store!

Also in other news jacquelyn lee {photography} now has an official facebook page! Don't forget to "Like" jacquelyn lee {photography} on facebook! I tend to update facebook more than I do the blog!


Enjoying the sled!

We finally had some snow here! It was a perfect day to try out Walker's new sled!


Live Action

Man little man at his finest, laughing & snoring!