Goodbye Guesstures Style

Friday night was our last get together in HB with all of our friends. We grilled out and ended the night with a mean game of guesstures...girls vs. boys. It was a typical battle of the sexes only that this game lasted until 2am. We had a blast as we got in touch with our inner actor. Everyone definitely had their distinctive styles:

Mr. Happy:

Ms. Action:

The Surfer on and off the stage:

Ms. Literal:

The Animated One:

The Graceful Actress:

And Last But not Least...The Procrastinator:

Nat & I will truly miss all of the wonderful friends we have made here. And of course they know they always have a place to stay in Colorado!


Another Alaska Blog

Here is the link to Marcus & Emily's Alaskan adventures blog:


The last post is a little bit about our trip, the rest is about their amazing time at the lodge.


The boys and girls both had a wonderful trip in Alaska. As for us girls we saw many things: bald eagles, sea lions, seals, puffins, sea otters, Mt. Denali, moose, glaciers, mountain goats, Eskimos, drunk Eskimos, crazy cab drivers, you name it we saw it. Our main mode of transportation was by train. Spending a total of 25 hours on different trains we were able to see the backwoods of Alaska as well as indulge our tastebuds in many train meals (interesting). Other modes included a catamaran, where we saw the artic sealife & a thundering glacier, and cabs, where the cabbies were the entertainment. We were fortunate enough to see Mt.Denali. There is only a 20% chance that you are able to see the top of Denali, due to the fact it is so tall it has it's own weather system. It is the tallest mountain in N.America. Not only did we see the top, we saw it all!! In Denali Park we were a bit adventurous and went horseback riding and rafting. We also made time for a bike ride in Anchorage where we saw a mamma moose and her baby munching on the trees right by the trail. We were very careful to look and keep moving because moose are known to be very deadly, especially when their young are involved. But don't worry I did a drive by shooting with my camera! It was a once in a life time trip that I will always cherish! Thanks to my parents for making it possible! Due to the fact that I took 2.5G worth of photos I had to narrow it down. Here is the link to view my favorites: