Christmas 2007

Whoa, what a Christmas! This year we drove to Illinois, Nat's home, to celebrate Christmas! It was a fun packed holiday! Visiting with family, drinking with old friends, progressive parties, massages, food, dogs & cats, dog drooling over cat, fog, snow, presents, tea, cookies, holiday music; a good time had by all!

After driving back home we had a few hours rest before we were the Beal Bed & Breakfast once again to Nat's Aunt, Uncle, & their 2 boys. They left on Friday & only hours later my parents came in town! It was a quick visit & a mini Christmas, well really just Nat & I opening presents. Now sadly all company has left & we are preparing for our New Year's Party! Living life in the crazy busy lane, & loving it!

Words escape me on how to illustrate how great this Christmas holiday was, so I will explain as I know best, through pictures!

Christmas at the Labrador Lodge:

All the stockings & trimmings were hung:

An Icy & White Christmas:

Lots of presents to unwrap:

What's left of the corn fields:

Snow & Ice waiting for us at home in Colorado:

Sadly I did not take any pictures when my parents were here...I will have to get some from my mom.

Fun taking pics of some of the presents I received:


Fun in the Snow

It has been snowing a lot here, which is awesome! I love the tranquility that takes over the neighborhoods when it snows. The white fluffy blanket makes everything so peaceful, leaving only the squeak of the snow under your snow boots to disturb the silence. Here are a few pictures I took this weekend after it stopped snowing & the sun came out!

Corrina will hit 3rd gear when she is out prancing in the snow. All of the sudden balls become chase-worthy & our yard becomes a track for her tight circles sprints! My favorite is watching her run & then dip her nose in to the powder snow, coming up with snow on her nose and a little in her mouth for that much needed hydration.

There is a small grove of Aspens in our backyard. Most of the snow was melted away from the sun, but I love the stark white trunks against the teal blue of the mountain sky.

And of course what would a snowy day be without a snow laced pine?