Christmas 2007

Whoa, what a Christmas! This year we drove to Illinois, Nat's home, to celebrate Christmas! It was a fun packed holiday! Visiting with family, drinking with old friends, progressive parties, massages, food, dogs & cats, dog drooling over cat, fog, snow, presents, tea, cookies, holiday music; a good time had by all!

After driving back home we had a few hours rest before we were the Beal Bed & Breakfast once again to Nat's Aunt, Uncle, & their 2 boys. They left on Friday & only hours later my parents came in town! It was a quick visit & a mini Christmas, well really just Nat & I opening presents. Now sadly all company has left & we are preparing for our New Year's Party! Living life in the crazy busy lane, & loving it!

Words escape me on how to illustrate how great this Christmas holiday was, so I will explain as I know best, through pictures!

Christmas at the Labrador Lodge:

All the stockings & trimmings were hung:

An Icy & White Christmas:

Lots of presents to unwrap:

What's left of the corn fields:

Snow & Ice waiting for us at home in Colorado:

Sadly I did not take any pictures when my parents were here...I will have to get some from my mom.

Fun taking pics of some of the presents I received:


Emily said...

Great pics Jackie! I have even more appreciation for them now that I know a little about cameras. Looks like fun.

Mom Beal said...

Christmas in Illinois. Wonderful, warm memories of our family together for 4 glorious days. Thanks for the beautiful, artistic pictoral reminders.

Mom B.

LivingTheLife said...

I love your new heading and blog look! I especially love the pictures of Corinna with the red berries and the picture of just the red berries...gorgeous! I loved them so much...I stole them to use on my blog...I hope that you don't mind...after all...if you're going to steal...it might as well be from your very own talented daughter!

We enjoyed our time w/you guys...and I am now working on something "special" for Miss C...don't know when it will be finished...but she is going to LOVE it!!

Love you forever,
Mom <><

Rory and Cindy said...

Sounds busy, and hectic, can't wait for you to try all that with kids!!! I LOVE the pictures, you are so talented! I'm with your mom, the berries are my favorites (although I also love the "trimmings" picture)! Can't wait to see some New Year's pics!