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10 months (yesterday)

Hey people guess what I am 10 months old! Yup that's right only 2 more months and I'll be partying like a one year old! Don't worry I have already given my mom my guest list, & I am sure you are on it, it's going to be the party of the year (well my year at least)!

So yesterday I turned 10 months old & I told my mom that I wanted to play in my pj's! Here I have my paci, which I really love. I think my mom is worried about weening me off it & I told her not to worry about it, I'll hang on to until I go off to college.

I think I am pretty fashionable for a 10 month old. I like to sport the one sock look. My mom tries to put both socks on but I always insist that I only wear one...maybe one day she'll get that it is the cool thing to do!

So even though yesterday was my 10 month old birthday I was still having to go through teething & man o man does it hurt. It feels good when I put things in my mouth.

Oh and did I mention that I love to cruise around our furniture. I am pretty sure I am going to be walking on my own soon, I am just taking my time because I don't think my mom & dad are ready! You can tell I am really fast because my feet are blurry :)

So I am sure I'll be seeing most of you soon on my big one year party, until then take care!


Family Fun | Denver Family Portrait Photographer

I had an absolute blast shooting the Knight Family!! Their kids, oh my goodness, are so adorable! And mom and dad were a blast! I love when I walk away from a portrait session and say, "wow that was fun!"

Loved these kiddos:

Sweet Snuggles:

Thanks Knight Family for making my job even more awesome!!