Fun with Photoshop

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Today I awoke to a winter white surprise! I think it might have been a surprise to the meteorologists as well, they failed to mention it yesterday morning! It was not much just about an inch, but it was nice to see since we missed the first snow due to Thanksgiving travels. The best part about it snowing in the metro area means that it is snowing in the mountains, which in turn means GREAT skiing! So you know what I will be doing this weekend...yeah! Here are a few pics I snapped before I was off to work, or rather snow surprise traffic, geez you would've thought we were in Texas with how slow the traffic was moving! Anyways enjoy!:


Thanksgiving Fun!

This Thanksgiving we went to my parents house. It was a fun & too short of a visit as usual. Although after the 13.5 hour drive yesterday all I can say is it is nice to be home and out of the car. We didn't actually celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving on Thursday because my brother, the chef, was cooking for about 250 people! Instead we went to my Aunt Laura's house & had a fun Thanksgiving of mexi food & ritas!! We did our traditional turkey & all the trimmings Thanksgiving on Saturday! Here are the pics:

On the way down to Texas Tuesday night we were able to stop off & get a few shots of this amazing sunset:

Saturday night, our Thanksgiving...where do I start?

Marcus & Emily (Marcus being goofy & Emily looking pretty):

Group Hug/crazies:

Nat & Marcus wanted to have some fun so they built a potato gun! By the time it was completed it was dark, so Emily had the brilliant idea of the ever so fun glow stick. So basically we were shooting glowing green potatoes hundreds of feet into the air....ahh what fun!

The gun:

The green glowing juice a.k.a.: a glow stick:

Loading the potato:

We definitely made a racket, but it was glowing good time!

On the way home in New Mexico we saw the glowing orange moon rise at an incredible speed...this is the best I could do, doesn't really do it justice:

P.S.....These were taken from our front yard the Sunday before Thanksgiving, just liked them & wanted to share:


veinte ocho

Ashley came to visit last weekend for our 28th birthdays!!! We partied like it was 1999...actually that is true statement, because in 1999 we were in college living together & celebrating together, ahhh the good ole days! We had fun filled weekend including, spa treatments, a birthday bash party, shopping, & fine dinning. It was a great weekend spent with my great & wonderful friend Ashley!!! Here are a few moments captured from our fab weekend:

Before the big birthday bash Friday night:

Drinking like we were young again, or at least holding onto what is left of our twenties, cheers:

Of course we played a mean game of guesstures:

The boys playing guesstures, or crying because they were losing:

Somehow Nat got a little confused with the candles, but I thought hey we look pretty good to be 82:

Corrina got a little bored with us:

Saturday night, at Bella Bistro:

Flowers that Nat got Ashley & I, he scored major brownie points:

And of course re-living the college days meant Ashley once again was my muse/model:

And to everyone involved: thanks for the birthday love:


Brian & Lucy

We made the journey up to Gold Hill yesterday to visit our friends Brian & Lucy! They recently have moved into a new home as well, it seems to be a trend. They live in a quaint old home sitting atop of a hill overlooking the small mining town of Gold Hill. I loved all the ornate detail the old house offered, it is a lost art on homes today. I was only able to shoot a few pics as the light was quickly fading behind the mountains. As always it was great to see Brian & Lucy! Here are a few of my favorites:

A Place to Hang Your Boots:

A Welcoming Door:

Lucy is the Queen of Gardening:

And last but not least, my husband, the cowboy: