Brian & Lucy

We made the journey up to Gold Hill yesterday to visit our friends Brian & Lucy! They recently have moved into a new home as well, it seems to be a trend. They live in a quaint old home sitting atop of a hill overlooking the small mining town of Gold Hill. I loved all the ornate detail the old house offered, it is a lost art on homes today. I was only able to shoot a few pics as the light was quickly fading behind the mountains. As always it was great to see Brian & Lucy! Here are a few of my favorites:

A Place to Hang Your Boots:

A Welcoming Door:

Lucy is the Queen of Gardening:

And last but not least, my husband, the cowboy:


LivingTheLife said...

Wow! Jackie...Brian and Lucy's place looks like it does have a lot of quaint character that as you said...seems to evade newer homes of today. Loved the tour...and of course...as usual Nat looked to be having a great time...his horse on the other hand was a bit LAME!! Get it a?... lame horse? Not good for riding! Maybe we will have to take him horseback riding the next time you guys are in town...and the weather allows.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
As always, your photographer's eye is uncanny. You make the ordinary so extradordinary. Brian and Lucy choose unique homes. I loved visiting their "cabin" home last winter with the wood stove warming the keeping room and each dog having its own sofa!
Nat is really taking to Colorado with his new Western look!

Mom B.

lucybird said...

Yea! you got your header to work!!!

LivingTheLife said...

Ah..hah...I see you have your header up...were you able to get it working on your computer...OR did you have to use Nat's PC...??? It looks great! So "Jackie" as I have heard! I like it...love the colors, too! Glad it worked out!

Love you,

Sheila said...

Jackie, I hear you have a birthday! Your mom had a post and I came over to wish you a belated happy birthday! Scorpio too, mine is today..I love your site and beautiful photos. I will be back to visit....Have a blessed day

Terri and Bob said...

I love old homes. It would be awesome if my husband loved them as much as me! I love your photography. You have quite the eye.

Happy birthday! I saw your mom's lovely post on you. Your wedding photo is lovely!

Your blog title is adorable!

Kari said...

Yep, I'm a little late but I just now read your mother's post and wanted to come by and wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Hey, nothing like those late birthday wishes from total strangers, eh?) Your mom posted so beautiful pictures of you...you guys have some great genes! lol
Hope your birthday was special!

Susie Q said...

Beautiful blog and such gorgeous photos! Your lovely mama let us know that you recently had a birthday! I wanted to stop by and send you a warm wish for a lovely year!

Happy birthday!!