¡me encanta costa rica!

¡So here it is my post about the girl's trip to beautiful Costa Rica! I would have to say that I absolutely fell in love with the country...the people, the weather, the landscape, the food, the way of life! I think if Nat & Corrina were with me I would have stayed! So here goes, 9 days in paradise produces a lot of pictures! When you are done reading my view of costa rica head on over to emily's blog and my mom's blog!

We stayed in the town Playa Conchal, located on the Pacific Gulf Coast, at Paradisus as Royal Service guests...ya I could get used to that!

The beach:

Our best model poses:

All-inclusive baby...you know we were drinking just a few of these :-)

Mom Cooling Off:

Pretty Beach:

By the pool, enjoying life cabana style:

Wildlife by the pool:

The Special Guest by the Cabana:

More beach pics:

We also got to go on a sunset boat ride, beautiful:

Mom enjoying the sunset:

Playa Conchal was awesome! Emily & I (mom a few nights) danced our hearts out at the disco and enjoyed meeting people from all over! We were sad to leave but excited for our next destination! We headed inland for the Arenal Volcano to the next resort, Tabacon!

Arenal Volcano, the most active volcano in Costa Rica, was just outside our back door!
This is a shot of the volcano from the other side of the Arenal Lake (not from our backdoor):

The view of the volcano from our backdoor:

Emily and I went white water rafting and had a blast! We were able to see a lot of cool wildlife on our journey as well:

The next day we all went zip lining which was such a rush! There were a series of different lines all 200 meters above the canopy and the longest one was over a 1/2 mile long! We had to take a 15 minute open air gondola ride to get to the first zip line, this was the view:

Emily in action:

And of course the fashionable gear:

Every afternoon we headed to the natural hot springs, heated by the volcano! It was soooo relaxing, I wish I could have one in my back yard!

And of course the nature was awesome!

Some locals: the guy on the left, a pisoto, I was able to hand feed one of these guys. He grabbed my hand with his claws and took the honey roasted peanut right out of my hand.

I loved all of the huge leaves:

One of my favorite pics:

Sadly we had to leave Tabacon, but we stayed at a beautiful hotel in San Jose, where I had no problem finding great pic opportunities:

The hotel was located on an old coffee plantation:

So that's the wonderful girl's trip to Costa Rica...ahh I miss it already! Cheers to a great time girls!

(cerveza de costa rica)


Turning 29 with a BANG!

My wonderful husband celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday...happy birthday! Wait, before you start thinking I am a horrible wife for not posting a best wishes post on his actual birthday there are a few things you need to know. Nat took the day off yesterday and decided to go on a bike ride...but this wasn't his typical ride at White Ranch, let's just say he had a "little" crash! A crash where he caught himself with the right side of his face, a crash that broke his handle bars in half, a crash that required us to spend 5+ hours in the ER (of course only after I begged and pleaded for him to go), a crash that required 9 stitches in his right cheek bone where he had a gash (hole) in the mark of a X, a crash that damaged ligaments in his right shoulder, a crash that has made his right side of his mouth go numb, a crash that has given him a black eye, oh and did I mention all the scrapes on his face, shoulder, fingers, legs, & that he is still coughing up blood? So here's to Nat bringing in his 29th year with a bang!

Here are a few pics after he drove himself home....oh and the crash happened at the top of the mountain so he had to ride his bike down, bleeding, with broken handle bars, meaning only one brake....

And pictures of him today, as you can tell he is a "little" swollen, I have turned into the ice Nazi...ice now!

¡Happy Birthday Baby! I am glad you are still alive!

Back in the States...

I just returned Tuesday evening from a 9 day stay in Costa Rica. One word....amazing! I will be sure to post pics shortly once I filter through my 800 something pictures. Exciting news....My alpha series is being featured on poppytalk in the poppytalk handmade school days section: PoppyTalk Handmade