I am blushing....

Kim of Today's Creative Blog has just showcased me on her site!!!!!
Today's Creative Blog

I feel oh so special and quite flattered, her words are so kind! I just can't thank you enough, my words of gratitude cannot compare to your words of flattery. THANK YOU KIM....YOU ARE AWESOME!

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A little about Jacquelyn Lee

I just wanted to give you guys an update on the type of series I have on my site www.jacquelynlee.com. There are 3 different types of series for purchase! Below you will find my series descriptions and a few tasty treats from each series! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: jackie@jacquleynlee.com

First, the Vintage Series:
My vintage series is a type of treasure hunt. In today’s unfortunate race for materialistic perfection things that are old or weathered are not desired. I enjoy finding these things that modern hands have not touched or destroyed. With each crack or paint chip they hold memories of times past. My treasure has a history, it has character, it is original, and therefore unique.

Second, My Simplicity in Nature Series

Nature/landscape photography is sometimes overwhelming because the environment itself is so vast and elaborate. With all of the components in nature (trees, leaves, grass, mountains, flowers) a nature/landscape photograph can be overpowering and its’ beauty can be lost. In this series I decided to focus simply on one component of scenery at a time. Instead of taking the whole picture I am focusing on all the little parts of nature that make it grand and majestic.

And probably the hardest one to understand The Alpha Series:
My alpha series is a search for unique letters. I tend to gravitate towards the weathered and imperfect, however you will find a few shiny & new letters mixed in. Some letters are new and modern while others have vintage character.

Spell it out:
I enjoy this series because these images stand-alone or look great in a gathering. Spell out a special word or your name to hang in your home or office. Regardless of what you decide to do the possibilities are endless.

To view more pictures from each series or to purchase anything you see here don't forget to go to my site: www.jacquelynlee.com



Hey guys check me out on ETSY:

Etsy is this awesome online site that sells things handmade. It is quite an incredible site!



Here it is....the OFFICIAL launch of my own photography business & site...Jacquelyn Lee! Please visit me at:


It has been a long time coming, so I am very excited! On my site you will find all the different series I have been working on, plus some of my portraits! The great thing about my site is that you can order prints directly from it! Just look in the galleries to see what you like, click add to cart, & once you are done looking click on the shopping basket icon on the bottom right of your screen to take you to the check out! If you have seen a picture on my blog that you like and don't find it on my website just email me at: jackie@jacquelynlee.com

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been so supportive during this new adventure!


Moab, Utah

Nat & I went to Moab a couple of weeks ago! Nat had to go on business, so I decided to tag along and have fun with the many photo opportunities the town has to offer. It has taken me a while to post because it has been quite the chore to filter through the 700+ pics I captured! So I am tired and I am going to use as little words as possible...

The first day I went to arches national park....that place is incredible! I hiked to different arches and natural wonders!

Landscape Arch:

Crazy sweeping views of natural life that seems to defy gravity:

The next day I scouted out the Indian Petroglyphs:

The 3rd day I did an amazing hike to Corona Arch. It was a beautiful hike to an amazing arch. Corona Arch is so large a man once flew his plane through it!

When hiking you are lead by cairns, which are just native rock stacked. So sometimes finding your way can be a little confusing, especially when there are rocks scattered everywhere:

This was right next to the Corona Arch, which I though was pretty cool:

Here I am taking a rest on the side of a huge cliff after my long hike, taking it all in:

The next day with Nat in tow we went back to the arches national park, where we saw the infamous delicate arch & the window arches.
Delicate Arch:

Window Arches:

The final day we were there we went to Canyonlands: Island in the Sky Park where we saw Indian ruins and canyons the went forever:

While I was there I feel in love with the driftwood, the trunks are so amazing how they twist and turn: & the bark is full of character:

Another thing I was amazed with while walking through the desert was the abundance of life it held. When you think of the desert you think of it being anything but full of life:

I think that about sums it up. There is so much to see there it is incredible! I know I did not do it justice with just these few pics! But lets be honest who has time to upload that many pics?