Lunar Eclipse

Here are some pictures from this morning's lunar eclipse. Yes, I did get up that early, & yes I am feeling the effects of interrupted sleep. Luckily, the clouds cleared from the earlier storms! I have always wanted to take picturese of celestial wonders, maybe I can invest in some equipment that would provide a little bit better pics, but for now this will do!


Shawna & Jay

I had the pleasure a couple of weekends ago to take maternity photos of our friends Shawna, Jay, & the belly! They were a great couple to work with, very easy going & not too hard on the ole eyes! Their baby (sex unkown) is due mid Septmeber! Congratulations! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot, of course my favs were the more funky ones:



Ok so I have been a super bad blogger, but in my defense it has been a crazy month!!! So to explain what's been going on, I will do it the best I know how, through pictures!

Mom & Dad came to visit! Super great seeing them!


Dad "living on the edge":

Keystone: Bluegrass & Brewfest

Grilling out in the parking lot:

D-licious & I rocking out:

The view from our seats:

We also got to see The Fray & The String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks, sorry no pics, but it was incredible!

Nat had his 28th birthday! And of course at every rocking party the mullet wig makes an appearance!

The Birthday Boy:

Me laughing at the birthday boy:


Sarah laughing at Alex:

Aldolfo went for a different approach, very Flock of Seagulls:

And last it has been a month of NEW!

For me, a new hair cut, super short:

Because new haircuts always look cooler in techno color:

Also for me, a new car. Yes, I know crazy I got rid of my beautiful Acura, but it has been sick since the accident & now with my new car I will be able to get out of the driveway when it snows:

And finally, the BIG news, which has kept us the busiest: we are buying a house, we close on the 30th!!! No more renting= no more boring white walls, YEAH:

P.S. I did not take this picture, I will take a better one for you guys later!