Oh joy!

Thought it was just a pinched nerve that was causing the intolerable pain, but it is oh so much more!! After X-Rays: I have a cervical sprain in my neck (5th vertebra), a muscle spasm that he could feel just by touching my neck, that is affecting my nerves in my the right side of my neck and shoulder which is causing the pain. And the best part my neck vertebras are the opposite way they should be, their going in the wrong direction, but that may be caused by the spasm. Now I have meds and have to go to Physical Therapy. And the worse part is I don't even have a cool story to why I am wearing this stylish neck brace, I was just gettin ready this morning and BAM, now I am stiffer than Bruce's cosmos!



Congrats Matt & Terry! They got married in Jan in Puerto Rico, but we just now have pictorial proof!

What a cute pair:

And of course we have to have one of the bride, can we say Be-u-ti-ful:


Sublime Stargazers

For V-day Nat bought me potted Stargazer Lilies that were still buds. A couple of weeks passed and still no lily blooms. I felt I was destined to kill yet another living plant. Determined to overcome my lethal thumb I decided to re-pot the plant in some yummy food laced soil and paint it a rustic looking pot. I don't know if it was the soil or the cool pot I made, but the white buds started bleeding through a beautiful deep magenta. The next morning I woke up and I saw 2 beautiful and fragrant stargazer lilies. It was a joyous day, I kept the babies alive! Since that day I have had one more bloom and 2 buds that look ready to burst into all of their grandeur. One of the things I love most about Stargazer Lilies is their fragrance, it is absolutely heavenly, and they pack a lot of punch. I can smell my lilies throughout the west wing of my home. Keep in mind the west wing of my home only includes my office, bathroom, and, portions of the hallway, & kitchen. However I think that is pretty impressive, most flowers you have to stick you nose in the flower to smell. So maybe this means my thumb is turning green, it definitely gives me hope for the vegetable garden I am going to attempt this growing season.

I present my favorite flower: The Stargazer Lily:

The bleeding buds ready to burst open: