DAM (Denver Art Museum)

I was lucky to have my parents visit me this weeked as Nat was out hunting for elk. It was great to hang out & catch up! I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful parents, who are cool because they enjoy going to the art museum & understand me only as a parent could understand their child!

Sunday we went to the Denver Art Museum.

Mom & Dad loved the big cow sculpture, so I had them pose in front of the calf & it's mother:

Before we walked through the carefully designed doors we had a wonderful lunch outside on a beautiful sunny Denver day. As I was munching on my salad enjoying the sun & conversation my eye was drawn to the opposing scene before me. The rigid structure of the art museum & the organic shapes of the tree adorned with it's yellow fall leaves. Both beautiful & created equally with care & close attention.

As you walk into the new wing of the DAM you are amazed. The structure itself is a piece of art work inside & out. This was taken from the top/ 3rd floor, looking down & across:

Here is my take on a few of the many pieces displayed:


Blogger doesn't like my headers

So I have been trying for weeks now to do a new header. Everytime I go to load a new header (Template, Edit, Choose Photo from computer) I get this perpetual triangle with a stupid exclamation point in the middle and the radiating lines.....grrr. It's been so long that I have been trying to do this I have designed 3 different headers. So I would love words of wisdom on how to make this work & which header is your favorite!


Home Sweet Home

So here they are the long awaited home pictures! Just go to the right hand of your screen and click on the Flickr box, it will take you to view all of my images. You will probably need to thumb through them to find the pictures of the house. I still need to take pictures of mine & Nat's office. Enjoy!

Rock On!

Last night we were lucky enough to have tickets to the sold out Brandi Carlile show in Denver at the Gothic Theatre. It was an increddible show! One of our favorite things to do is see live music. I love to see the artists in their true form live. No digital remixing, just them & their voice....raw. Brandi Carlile surpassed our high expectations...she rocked the house, way cool rocker chick! The opening band, A Fine Frenzy, was great as well. That is always an added bonus when the opening band can hold their own! May I suggest if possible to check her out, she sounds just as good or better live as she does on her cd!

I was able to sneak my camera, the joy of small venues! Here are a couple of my favs I snagged:

Brandi Rocking Out:

Brandi with the Twins:

The Venue:



Congratulations to Nick & Helen! They tied the knot this past Wednesday in England amongst family & friends!


All smashed into 1

Moving into a new home can really take over your life, especially your life as a blogger. So that means I am WAY behind on my blogs. We've had tons of company, which I apologize now, not all of you are going to have pictures on the blog. It doesn't mean we don't love ya, it just means I feel silly blogging about something that seems like it happened a decade ago. Who knows maybe I'll do a blog especially for you guys later on when my head stops spinning from the move! No this is not going to be a blog that contains pictures of our new house. Because if it was that would mean I would have to clean & pick everything up, which I can't be bothered to do now because we are still unpacking the stragglers. Don't worry our house is not dirty, it's just not tidy & I can't post an un-tidy home on the web. However, the world outside it tidy & beautiful! Fall is here & winter is quickly approaching. The air is crisp, the sky clear & blue, & the leaves are all sorts of colors.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Emily, came for a quick weekend trip this past weekend. We were able to go on a hike & see a few of the yelllow aspens!

I have titled this one Loner. I enjoy the stark contrast of this lonely aspen amongst all of the green pines:

Our girl, with her cool hiking shoes on:

I brought my camera to work today & had a little fun! It's such a funky building, the possibilites are endless.

Yes, this is actually where I go to work:

Inside delight:

And for da ladies...all we need a good rita & exotic chocolates: