DAM (Denver Art Museum)

I was lucky to have my parents visit me this weeked as Nat was out hunting for elk. It was great to hang out & catch up! I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful parents, who are cool because they enjoy going to the art museum & understand me only as a parent could understand their child!

Sunday we went to the Denver Art Museum.

Mom & Dad loved the big cow sculpture, so I had them pose in front of the calf & it's mother:

Before we walked through the carefully designed doors we had a wonderful lunch outside on a beautiful sunny Denver day. As I was munching on my salad enjoying the sun & conversation my eye was drawn to the opposing scene before me. The rigid structure of the art museum & the organic shapes of the tree adorned with it's yellow fall leaves. Both beautiful & created equally with care & close attention.

As you walk into the new wing of the DAM you are amazed. The structure itself is a piece of art work inside & out. This was taken from the top/ 3rd floor, looking down & across:

Here is my take on a few of the many pieces displayed:


LivingTheLife said...

Wow...Jackie...those pictures turned out great! I especially love the one you did of the art museum with the tree...great contrast! I love the striped acrylic art piece, too...the colors turned out as good or better than in person. That really was a cool museum...I especially liked the fact that it was so kid friendly with all of the interactive components....speaking of...you still have my postcard! LOL

We had fun...love visiting museums with you...

Love you forever,

Lanelle said...

Good post.