Green Thumb

The garden is doing great!!! Some failures, but the success of other veggies seems to out shine them. The salad was instantly gratifying, we are still clipping fresh salad mix from the garden, we can't eat it fast enough. Same with the basil. I made pesto this evening using the basil from the garden. It's been quite fun seeing things pop up. What has also been great is walking outside and getting whatever the recipe calls for while I am making dinner, no last minute trips to the grocery store!

An overview of the garden:

My amazing zucchini plant: I started this one from a seed in the ground.

The basil:

Down low with the salad mix. In the right background that is red potatoes & in the left background is the basil:

My picks for dinner this evening:

And finally my pride & joy, my first zucchini, it's 10.5 inches long:


Lost Lake

We just returned on Sunday from our 5 day stay at the Lost Lake Cabin in Wisonsin. Nat has been going since he was a child, this was my third time. We had fun relaxing with the family. We were joined by Bill & Marcia & on Friday Jono, Teresa, Paul, Adam, & Grandma added to the bunch. We golfed, water skiied, set off fireworks, swam, sun bathed, played dominos, read novels, went on canoe rides, you name it we did it!
Here are some of my favorite pictures:

This old dock is my favorite thing to photograph at the lake, the possibilities are endless. It has so much character from the endless years of foot steps & sunrays:

The dock at sunset; the platform for the firework extravaganza:

Fireworks & Sparklers:

What is the lake house without a wet dog at your feet?:

The Party Boat:

We took the canoe out on more than one occasion across the lake to stepping stone bay where lilly pads reign:

Nat inspecting the rocks:

Paul & Adam:

Grandma with the grandkids:

Finally, something to reflect on:



Nat & I joined Brian & Lucy camping along the Guanella Pass this weekend! It was nice to get away and to be at a higher elevation where it is cooler. We were very remote, far away from everything. In fact the only thing to greet Brian & Lucy when they arrived first was a big bear! Luckily we did not have another visit.

The view from our campsite:

We enjoyed biking on Brian's dirt bike, hanging by the river, cooking out, & hiking!
Corrina loved fetching sticks in the river, she's part fish:

Nat preparing sticks to roast the hot dogs on the fire for dinner:

Nat & I both took a spin on the dirt bike. The pic of me was actually taken after I got back, don't worry I didn't wear my bathing suit on my ride:

Our hike this morning:

A nice surprise on the side of the road on our trip back home: