Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me! Please click on the picture to see why! If your in the area please stop by!!!



This year we threw a "we're all broke" Halloween party. The rules were that you had to make something from what you already had at your house or wear an old costume...you could not spend money on your costume. The end result...a night full of FUN!

Nat & I...Nat a construction worker & I was a fairy...

Can't forget my fairy wings...

The girlz...Kristi didn't wear a costume so we dressed her up in some things from my closet, Danielle was a dead cowgirl who resembled beetlejuice a little bit in the makeup department, & Renee was a firefighter!

The boyz...Troy was a plumber, Matt a chef, Tim Edward 40 hands, & Garrett was a baby on an old lady's back (i am still trying to figure out that one)

The boyz in their true form...

And of course Corrina, she didn't want to miss out on a chance to wear her pearls...


Today is a very important day, so go and vote if you have not already done so!!! This was a treasury on etsy that I was featured in...it reads "vote november 4" I am very happy to be the V! click on picture to enlarge:


A couple of weekends ago we headed to Kentucky to attend Andy & Emily's wedding! It was a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Andy & Emily!!!!

The happy couple:

The Beal's: