Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me! Please click on the picture to see why! If your in the area please stop by!!!


Rory and Cindy said...

How exciting...good luck!

Simply Me... said...

Yeah to you! I'm not going to make it... LOL but i'll be thinking of you...i love your art

BiG O'hUgS

LivingTheLife said...

Wishing you much luck and lots of love...we're excited for you, Jackie...and we are praying this is not only successful for you, but that you have lots of fun with it and gather a lot of contacts!

I just may have to make another trip to Colorado before the end of the show!

Love you forever,

Mom and Dad Beal said...

We will be there in spirit and sending our best wishes your way for a fantastic opening and show. We continue to marvel at the wonders you have wrought.

Enjoy every minute of your time in the "limelight"!

Mom and Dad B