**Update: Stephanie was able to sit up for the first time yesterday, hopefully she will be able to move out of ICU today. Her husband arrived and has lifted her spirits. Thank you for all of your prayers.***

Stephanie Berney Dezern was hit by a drunk driver last night...she has been in ICU ever since. She is currently suffering a punctured lung, bruised liver, torn diaphragm, broken & cracked ribs, broken pelvis & broken teeth. The reason for this post....please pray for Stephanie & her family. Her husband, Shaun, has been training in the desert and is being flown in by the red cross in the next 24 hours. Her 6 month old daughter, Brooklyn is being looked after by her family.

I just saw Stephanie on Wednesday and was fortunate to take pictures of her & brooklyn....here are a few to put a face to the person you are praying for. Stephanie has grown into a beautiful woman and incredible & gentle mom...please pray for her speedy recovery!


Ahh Young Love in Austin

Nat and I just returned from Austin this past weekend, we were there to celebrate Craig & Lisa wedding! It was a super fun time and we were glad to be a part of the celebration! In true Texas form the weather gave quite the show. Friday night during the rehearsal dinner we rushed inside from our beautiful patio seating to avoid the colossal rain and hail storm. It was quite spectacular and I enjoyed the rush of weather for nostalgic reasons, however I am sure the people that suffered hail damage to their cars would disagree.

Saturday, the day of the wedding, was steaming hot! I know the guys really enjoyed the sauna like atmosphere in their suits! Mother Nature gave Lisa & Craig's union a hot stamp of approval, we all had red shoulders and faces to prove it! Now let's talk about what is really important about any wedding...the bride's dress! Lisa looked like a goddess in her flowing dress that her boss hand made for her, it was truly impressive and she looked beautiful as she floated down the aisle...oh ya Craig looked pretty good too! Congratulations to Lisa and Craig!

The Happy Couple:

Walking down the isle as man and wife, and great pics to show off lisa's dress:

After the ceremony is when the fun began, the reception! Great times were had by all!

Corey singing Craig & Lisa a song:

Yummy cake and beautiful flowers:

And of course the best part of any wedding, is seeing old friends! (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Congratulations to Craig and Lisa! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!


Spring's a knockin...

Most people that read this blog the season of spring is in full swing...The sun is out, flowers are blooming, birds chirping, vivid blue skies, flip flops, tank tops (hopefully female only), and maybe an occasional sneeze due to the pollen floating around. However, here in the rockies we're struggling to see signs of spring. With the large snow storm we had on Thursday (1.5 inches) my hopes and dreams of the warm spring drifted away with each snowflake that fell. Yes, maybe I am being a little dramatic but I am ready to frolic around in my flip flops and tank tops and flowing spring skirts! The hope of spring is definitely in the air...with a few buds popping out here and there, lawn mowers humming, and the soundtrack of the ice cream man circling my neighborhood we can only be hopeful.

Along with the flowers and green grass weddings are in full swing as well! Last weekend we headed out Chicago to see Erin & Todd tie the knot! Nat was one of Todd's groomsmen and I was along for the ride. We both had an absolute blast, the wedding and reception were super fun and we had fun hanging out with old and new friends! We have 2 more weddings this month and we are on pause until October. Unfortunately, we are also missing 2 weddings...ahhh love is in the air! Congrats to Todd and Erin!!

I decided to make a collage of the beautiful daffodils that are blooming in our front yard. It was too hard to just pick one! The bulbs were a housewarming gift from Bill & Marcia...we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the spring daffodils!

The other day I decided to treat myself and buy a trial tea bag of jasmine green tea...the tea was pretty good, but the process of steeping was the best. It was delicately sewn into a little ball and after 5 minutes of steeping the ball of green tea slowly opened to reveal a jasmine bud...ohhh it smelled heavenly! Jasmine has to be one of my favorite scents. NE ways this has really nothing to do with the rest of the blog, but I wanted to show you that stopping into one of those fancy tea shops can turn out to be kind of fun!