**Update: Stephanie was able to sit up for the first time yesterday, hopefully she will be able to move out of ICU today. Her husband arrived and has lifted her spirits. Thank you for all of your prayers.***

Stephanie Berney Dezern was hit by a drunk driver last night...she has been in ICU ever since. She is currently suffering a punctured lung, bruised liver, torn diaphragm, broken & cracked ribs, broken pelvis & broken teeth. The reason for this post....please pray for Stephanie & her family. Her husband, Shaun, has been training in the desert and is being flown in by the red cross in the next 24 hours. Her 6 month old daughter, Brooklyn is being looked after by her family.

I just saw Stephanie on Wednesday and was fortunate to take pictures of her & brooklyn....here are a few to put a face to the person you are praying for. Stephanie has grown into a beautiful woman and incredible & gentle mom...please pray for her speedy recovery!


Simply Me... said...

I am so sorry, I will pray for her and her family they will all need lots of prayer!


Simply Me... said...

any up~dates on your friend? please keep us posted.