8 months!

Hi, my name is Walker & I am 8 months old today!

I enjoy long stroller rides in the park.
I have fabulous curly locks, which are quickly turning blonde, just like my daddy!
My eyes are a mixture of hazel & grey blue, depends on what fashion I am sporting.
My mode of transportation is crawling.
I enjoy pulling up on things & discovering the world through taste. Some of my favorites, my mom would call them "no's", power cords, tables, stainless steel oven handles, & an occasional neck, nose or collarbone. I dabble daily in traditional things such as peas, carrots, prunes, green bean, apples, etc.
I enjoy crawling very fast towards these things while I scrunch my nose & make snorting noise & my mom chases me. (see below)
All in all I am an easy going kind of guy, with a smile that will melt your heart!

the nose crunch-snort crawling- towards a very exciting destination