Golden's Wild West Auto Round Up

This weekend Golden had their annual Wild West Auto Round Up (yes that is the official name). The main strip in Golden was closed down and lined with shiny vintage autos. Three stages provided melodies for the ears as well as a variety of BBQ choices for the taste buds. And of course what would Golden be without Coors at every corner?! Nat's Aunt Amy & her boyfriend Gaylen joined us for the festivities! It was pretty cool seeing all of the old cars!

Amy, Nat, & Gaylen:

You said you wanted to see a picture of me, so here is my self-portrait:

My 2 Favorite Cars:

And a few more of the classic cars:


Castle Rock/South Table Mountain Hike

Yesterday Nat and I finally did the South Table Mountain Hike. I see this iconic symbol of Golden everday when I look out the windows of our home and now I can say: "been there done that!" Here are some of my favorite images from the hike:

This picture was taken this past winter, just wanted to give you a referenece of what we hiked:

These puffs of fluffiness are all over Golden. I am pretty sure they are in daffodil family, the puffs are just a little different than your typical lawn monsters:

We were almost to the top at this point. I love this picture of Nat looking off with Golden in the background:

Turn around from the previous picture of Nat & you get a great under view of the exposed rock:

Once we were at the top there where tons of cactus with beautiful flowers, this is one of my favortie pictures of the day. I think it is neat because I have never lived where cactus are native to the land and now I do. It seems peculiar that something so rugged can produce such a beautiful delicate flower:

There used to be a beer garden a top of the castle rock, but it burned down. Remaining is the stair case, which made the climb pretty easy:

At the top Nat & Corrina walking to the edge:

Looking down at the trail that brought us to the top of Golden:

Our town: