Nat & I joined Brian & Lucy camping along the Guanella Pass this weekend! It was nice to get away and to be at a higher elevation where it is cooler. We were very remote, far away from everything. In fact the only thing to greet Brian & Lucy when they arrived first was a big bear! Luckily we did not have another visit.

The view from our campsite:

We enjoyed biking on Brian's dirt bike, hanging by the river, cooking out, & hiking!
Corrina loved fetching sticks in the river, she's part fish:

Nat preparing sticks to roast the hot dogs on the fire for dinner:

Nat & I both took a spin on the dirt bike. The pic of me was actually taken after I got back, don't worry I didn't wear my bathing suit on my ride:

Our hike this morning:

A nice surprise on the side of the road on our trip back home:


Rory and Cindy said...

Awesome pictures! You are so blessed to be living in such a beautiful part of the country!

Living the Life said...

Did you tell Brian and Lucy not to worry about the bear??...that Nat had experience in that department!!...everything looks like such fun in Colorado...I think it is the perfect place for you and Nat...thanks for sharing your "fun"...can't wait to actually share in some of the fun first hand at the end of the month...wonder what greatness your town has in store for us during the Buffalo Bill Wild West Weekend...I'm curious to see what will be going on there, then!! Oh and I loved you in the dirt bike pic...and I know when you actually drove the bike you WERE wearing the helmet...cos I am aware of Nat's conscientious safety measures...and I am thankful for that!!
Love you forever,

J & J said...

Jackie, did you see the article about the Photo Contest being sponsored by Parade & The Nature Conservancy. It's called "Celebrate America's Beauty" The contest rules were in Sunday's Parade July 1, 2007, Page 9. Your latest picture at Sunset is beautiful,it would make a wonderful entry. Visit PARADE.COM to learn how to enter.

I know you could be one of the top winners. All of your pictures are wonderful. By the way I am glade this posting included one of you. Love you Granny

Living the Life said...

Glad you guys are safely home from WI....glad you a great time...can't wait to see all the pics....and hear all the stories...when we arrive in your Golden State....

Love you forever,