Home Sweet Home

So here they are the long awaited home pictures! Just go to the right hand of your screen and click on the Flickr box, it will take you to view all of my images. You will probably need to thumb through them to find the pictures of the house. I still need to take pictures of mine & Nat's office. Enjoy!


LivingTheLife said...

WOW...that's a lot of snow for the first snowfall of the year in your area! Dad and I saw where the Nuggets will be playing in the World Series and the team was practicing in the snow. Can you imagine it...playing in the World Series in SNOW....looks like that is going to happen.

Love the posted pics of the house...looking GOOD! Where did the sign come from...was it there before OR did it come from your old house?

See you Saturday...if the weather will let us????

Love you,

lucybird said...

i love the house, does it go down the back of a hill, b/c i can't see it going up... should i be using my imagination?


Rory and Cindy said...

The house looks awesome, I know it's a wonderful feeling to be unpacked and feel settled.

Anonymous said...

Your new home looks so warm and welcoming! You and Nat have done a wonderful job creating your new "nest" that really belongs to you.
I'm so glad we got to have a quick tour of the "before" and now we can't wait to see the "after" in person.

Mom B