All smashed into 1

Moving into a new home can really take over your life, especially your life as a blogger. So that means I am WAY behind on my blogs. We've had tons of company, which I apologize now, not all of you are going to have pictures on the blog. It doesn't mean we don't love ya, it just means I feel silly blogging about something that seems like it happened a decade ago. Who knows maybe I'll do a blog especially for you guys later on when my head stops spinning from the move! No this is not going to be a blog that contains pictures of our new house. Because if it was that would mean I would have to clean & pick everything up, which I can't be bothered to do now because we are still unpacking the stragglers. Don't worry our house is not dirty, it's just not tidy & I can't post an un-tidy home on the web. However, the world outside it tidy & beautiful! Fall is here & winter is quickly approaching. The air is crisp, the sky clear & blue, & the leaves are all sorts of colors.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Emily, came for a quick weekend trip this past weekend. We were able to go on a hike & see a few of the yelllow aspens!

I have titled this one Loner. I enjoy the stark contrast of this lonely aspen amongst all of the green pines:

Our girl, with her cool hiking shoes on:

I brought my camera to work today & had a little fun! It's such a funky building, the possibilites are endless.

Yes, this is actually where I go to work:

Inside delight:

And for da ladies...all we need a good rita & exotic chocolates:


LivingTheLife said...

Love these pictures...you really are able to capture natures beauty in the most amazing shots. I also loved the pictures of your offices...I remember going there with you but I don't think I saw the beauty and uniqueness quite as well in person as I have in your pictures. I also went to your flickerboard? and saw some great things...I especially like the picture you did with the flowers in a transparancy with your name across it...that was way cool...gotta learn how to do that...Photo Shop...will that help me???

Love you forever,

Rachel said...

You have such an amazing eye - when did you start taking pictures? I don't remember that from our basketball bus trips! Oh, and I also love the book Marley and Me - our 50lb mutt has done lots of Marley-type shenanigans!