Oh joy!

Thought it was just a pinched nerve that was causing the intolerable pain, but it is oh so much more!! After X-Rays: I have a cervical sprain in my neck (5th vertebra), a muscle spasm that he could feel just by touching my neck, that is affecting my nerves in my the right side of my neck and shoulder which is causing the pain. And the best part my neck vertebras are the opposite way they should be, their going in the wrong direction, but that may be caused by the spasm. Now I have meds and have to go to Physical Therapy. And the worse part is I don't even have a cool story to why I am wearing this stylish neck brace, I was just gettin ready this morning and BAM, now I am stiffer than Bruce's cosmos!


Rachel said...

o no!

if it's any consolation, my neck verterbrae go the wrong way too!

Mom Beal said...

Oh you poor girl! Do you suppose your "breaking and entering" episode where you crash landed in the bathtub could have wrenched your neck? Alissa will definitely sympathize with you. I'm glad you are gettting the PT. Hope you feel better soon!
Mom B.

Sarah said...

i'm going to make a really cool "slipcover" for your neck brace. i think that will help, don't you?

Rory and Cindy said...

that stinks! hope you feel better soon. by the way, i love the slipcover idea!

RyAnn said...

Looking good! I am sorry about your neck. I hope it gets to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

geez, jacque! it's so hard to feel your body deteriorate as you age, isn't it? the supple, youthful skin, the tight muscles and straight posture we once had have just gone with the wind. i'm going to go jump off a bridge now.

p.s. thanks for the ray lamontagne review! he absolutely moves the soul with his velvety pipes and jazzy beats. great makin' love music.