Moab, Utah

Nat & I went to Moab a couple of weeks ago! Nat had to go on business, so I decided to tag along and have fun with the many photo opportunities the town has to offer. It has taken me a while to post because it has been quite the chore to filter through the 700+ pics I captured! So I am tired and I am going to use as little words as possible...

The first day I went to arches national park....that place is incredible! I hiked to different arches and natural wonders!

Landscape Arch:

Crazy sweeping views of natural life that seems to defy gravity:

The next day I scouted out the Indian Petroglyphs:

The 3rd day I did an amazing hike to Corona Arch. It was a beautiful hike to an amazing arch. Corona Arch is so large a man once flew his plane through it!

When hiking you are lead by cairns, which are just native rock stacked. So sometimes finding your way can be a little confusing, especially when there are rocks scattered everywhere:

This was right next to the Corona Arch, which I though was pretty cool:

Here I am taking a rest on the side of a huge cliff after my long hike, taking it all in:

The next day with Nat in tow we went back to the arches national park, where we saw the infamous delicate arch & the window arches.
Delicate Arch:

Window Arches:

The final day we were there we went to Canyonlands: Island in the Sky Park where we saw Indian ruins and canyons the went forever:

While I was there I feel in love with the driftwood, the trunks are so amazing how they twist and turn: & the bark is full of character:

Another thing I was amazed with while walking through the desert was the abundance of life it held. When you think of the desert you think of it being anything but full of life:

I think that about sums it up. There is so much to see there it is incredible! I know I did not do it justice with just these few pics! But lets be honest who has time to upload that many pics?


LivingTheLife said...

I am simply in AWE...of all God's beauty there in Moab and of your talents...I cannot believe how many different and amazing things were there to enjoy...and ALL of it is just so breathtaking! I especially loved the 4th picture...I think...with the rocks kind of balancing on another big rock...and the tree that was twisted almost like it had been spun by a tornado and dropped upon the desert....JUST AMAZING! I will certainly have to put that on our future places to see list!

Thanks for sharing...you are such a great photographer...I know you hear that all the time...but you REALLY ARE!! There was not a picture there that I wasn't just wowed by...and I'm going to keep checking your blog to be wowed again and again!

Love you forever,
Mom <><

Anonymous said...

You have such a talent for capturing views from unexpected angles. This makes the viewing of your images very realistic. I think you have an amazing talent! Thank you for displaying these on your blog. May I have your permission to use these in my class as we study sedimentary rocks?? I will be sure to recognize you as I do!