I have an excuse...

Yes, I know it's been a while...but I have a perfect and forgiving excuse, which is: my nose was broken and I had to get it fixed! And let me tell you the break didn't hurt too bad, but the surgery hurt like hell and I am still too familiar with the fact that I can feel my nose on my face and it's every ache with every turn I make. Through this process I had a hard time dealing with the fact that people do this to themselves on purpose...plastic surgery....my motto if it ain't broke then don't fix it!!!

Before all of the nose surgery drama I had a nice visit with the fam in Texas! It was a spur of the moment trip: booked my flight on Wed. for a Friday departure, that is what I call last minute! While I was there I had the pleasure of taking my cousin, Blake's, senior portraits on Saturday. We had fun, well at least my aunt & I did, running around town finding cool places to shoot and making Blake suffer through...life's tough! Here are a few of my favs:

Sunday, was fun filled as well! I got to see my sis-in-law, Emily, kick some major butt on the soccer field. This was my first time to see her play. I can finally confirm the rumors of her bad assness on the field, she is amazing! She plays on a co-ed team and scored 3 goals and had 2 assists! SHE ROCKS!!

Then I was fortunate to "join" my parents on their anniversary dinner to Rough Creek Lodge, where my brother reigns in the kitchen! What a feast...5 course dinner paired with wines! 1. Lobster Tail in a coconut curry sauce, & whipped sweet potatoes; paired with bubbly 2. Swordfish & mushroom rissoto; paired with a white wine with a hint of grapefruit 3. Quail; paired with a red wine 4. Beef tenderloin with asparagus & whipped potatoes; paired with a red wine 5. Dessert: Me: chocolate tart with honey almond ice cream, Mom: Banana Custard in a flaky crust, Dad: a cheese plate! We all had to be rolled out of there, but it was worth it! Marcus is an amazing chef that needs to move to Colorado!!!!!

Monday Marcus actually had the day off so I got to spend some time with my little bro, which was a super treat! We dined in down-town Ft. Worth at a brick oven pizza place and then walked around a bit in Sundance Square! Then we just hung out at my parents house doing all kinds of things, shooting Marcus' bebe gun, washing his car, and playing basketball! Then we cooked our parents dinner, where Marcus taught me how to chop like a chef, watch out!

Maggie enjoying our company:

Marcus shooting his gun:

Me shooting the gun with a scary look in my eyes, I gave that soda can hell:

It was a great trip, it's always nice to spend time with the fam! I wasn't too excited about returning home, other than to see my husband, because I had my surgery. But the plastic things are out of my nose, my stitches are out, and my external cast is off! Now I just need to swelling to go down and the awareness of my nose on my face to go away!



Anonymous said...

aww! hope your snout gets to feeling better!! it's nice to go home and reconnect with the family. please know i'm thinking of you and hope the recuperation is speedy!


LivingTheLife said...

It's about stinking time...you posted!! J/K...but I did want to point out that you shoot with both a gun and camera like a pro...you have a memory like an elephant AND you cuss like a sailor!!! (where's that Phisosderm soap I used to use???) Yea...you're daddy's girl alright!!

Love you forever,

lucybird said...

okay- anything that goes with nose, hurts my nose just thinking about it! argh..

...not to fill you with killjoy, but after those two surgeries that i had on my nose, it still hurts when the weather changes, or i drive down i-20. same thing.

Auntie Laura said...

What a gorgeous young specimen on the 1st few pics. The last shot of Blake looks like it should be a CD cover. Too bad he's not musical huh? You are one talented chick!!! Luv ya and thanks for putting my baby on your blog.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say that i hope your nose heels fast. don't know if you remember me or not we cheered together for the cubs back in the days. i loved reading about what is going on with you family. have a great one.
carrie (poore) auten

Rory and Cindy said...

Sorry 'bout the nose...that sucks!!! The picture of you with the gun scares me a little for some reason. I love trips home, we're going this weekend...to bad we weren't there at the same time. The senior pics look great, how do find those cool places to take random pictures? I love the ones with the green door and blue wall...so fun!!! I need you to take some of Makayla...if we're ever there at the same time!!!

Amber said...

Hey Jackie! I love your blog and your pictures! You are so talented! I just set up my blog today - come visit me at www.terrellgroup.blogspot.com