Our Valentine's Day

I am not one that really loves Valentine's Day, it's definitely what they call a Hallmark holiday. It's depressing for those who are single (we've all been there) & it's frustrating for those who are in a relationship because restaurants are booked/crowded, etc. However, with that said I had a totally ROCKING V-day this year. One of our favorite groups was in town and they just so happened to be playing on V-day...Rodrigo y Gabriela! Most likely you have not heard of them: Rodrigo y Gabriela are a duo of amazing guitarists. From Mexico City, with a background in Heavy Metal, they have joined forces to become an amazing duo that really knows how to wow a crowd with their fast and hard spanish sound! This was our second time to see them and we were still amazed at their skills!

When they first come on everyone is excited and we all start screaming, Rod y Gab start to play and the roars are intensified! Throughout the concert you get excited, clap, scream, jump around, and then there are moments you stand there with you mouth wide open in amazement of how quickly Gabriela's hands are moving, how hard she is banging on the guitar, how quickly Rodrigo is picking, or their perfect synchronization! Truly astounding!

Here is a clip from David Letterman, just to give you a little taste! FAST FORWARD TO 55 SECONDS, to pass by all the chit chat. They are a little bit more lively in concert than the are on tv....so just imagine the crowd clapping along, feeling the beat of the guitar in your chest, Rodrigo y Gabriela screaming along, & the volume WAY louder....

Here is our view of the amazing concert:

Here is a close up of Gabriela...she is such an amazing rocker chick! Her hands move so fast I have yet to see a picture where her hands are not blurred:


lucybird said...

they sold out so quickly in austin and our slow asses did not get tickets for last weekend.

urr.. me jealous

Auntie Laura said...

Wow!!! They are amazing. How do they keep from bruising up their fingers though beating on the guitar that hard? Thanks for sharing and broadening the horizons of some of us "old" folks :).
Luv ya

Rory and Cindy said...

Very cool! Do you think they will have carpel tunnel someday?

Rory and Cindy said...

I heard you are going home for a visit...I'm jealous!!! We should coordinate our trips home so we could catch up while there!!!