Keystone with the Beal's

The weekend before last Bruce, Jenny, & Alissa made a whirlwind trip to visit us and hit the slopes in Keystone! We were welcomed by beautiful fluffy snow and stark blue skies, not too shabby, yes I know life is VERY tough! It was a nice visit that involved cosmos, hot tubs, adventurous parking lot hikes, matching sweaters, and great food (as always)! Here are a few pics that Jenny snapped:

I went to pick up Alissa at the airport on Friday and I was wearing the sweater they picked out for me for my birthday, a sweater that Alissa liked as well (in a different color) don't worry I kept my jacket on and no one knew :-) I had a momentary flash back to the 6th grade!

The girls looking snazzy in all of our ski gear, it's all about the layers:

The boys posing with their favorite girl:

The kids on the slopes:

Nat & I cozying up on the slopes in our almost matching helmets and goggles, we're so cool, haha:


Rory and Cindy said...

it's so beautiful, and I'm still jealous!!! Our little couple inches of snow really got us in the mood for skiing...but alas no real mountains here!!!

Mom Beal said...

Hooray for family in CO. This was the BEST 3 days of skiing! You said it all....fluffy snow, blue sky, good food and terrific ski buddies.
Can't wait for next year!

Mom B.
PS. We love your new home. It is so beautiful, comfortable and welcoming. We'll be back!