Turning 29 with a BANG!

My wonderful husband celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday...happy birthday! Wait, before you start thinking I am a horrible wife for not posting a best wishes post on his actual birthday there are a few things you need to know. Nat took the day off yesterday and decided to go on a bike ride...but this wasn't his typical ride at White Ranch, let's just say he had a "little" crash! A crash where he caught himself with the right side of his face, a crash that broke his handle bars in half, a crash that required us to spend 5+ hours in the ER (of course only after I begged and pleaded for him to go), a crash that required 9 stitches in his right cheek bone where he had a gash (hole) in the mark of a X, a crash that damaged ligaments in his right shoulder, a crash that has made his right side of his mouth go numb, a crash that has given him a black eye, oh and did I mention all the scrapes on his face, shoulder, fingers, legs, & that he is still coughing up blood? So here's to Nat bringing in his 29th year with a bang!

Here are a few pics after he drove himself home....oh and the crash happened at the top of the mountain so he had to ride his bike down, bleeding, with broken handle bars, meaning only one brake....

And pictures of him today, as you can tell he is a "little" swollen, I have turned into the ice Nazi...ice now!

¡Happy Birthday Baby! I am glad you are still alive!


matt said...

Ouch! Glad you got him to the hospital. Take your time to rehabilitate before you go out again Nat. Great job Jackie on the featured series! Talk to you guys soon

Mom Beal said...

The description of the injuries is graphic enough, his "mommy" didn't need to see the visual! It has been awhile since Nat has paid a visit to the ER. Back-in-th-day we made regular visits....stitches, broken arms. I was hoping he was outgrowing this phase! Happy 29th to my baby boy. We love you and when you do things like this you are the spitting image of Grandpa Virgil, lovable but Mr. Accident!


LivingTheLife said...

Oh my goodness...I knew based on what I heard from the 2 of you that it was bad...but the pictures just made me cringe...knowing the extent of the injuries and seeing them are entirely two different things. I hate that he had to spend any time in the E.R. much less his birthday...I'm just thankful you were able to convince him to go...I knew he was hurt pretty badly when he told me he was bummed b/c you guys wouldn't get to go camping this weekend. I just thought at first he took a tumble...but when he told me that...I knew it had to be worse than what he was telling me.

I know Jenny had to be gasping at the sight of her sons beautiful face all banged up...but I know he will heal quickly and will be as good as new, very soon!

Sorry Nat...man! What were you thinking???...that you are still 28!

Love you forever,

Simply Me... said...

Oh No, I'm so so sorry, that must of hurt! you know my 29th birthday hurt me too! LOL... Well Happy Birthday and get well soon! again I so sorry :(


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