Today I awoke to a winter white surprise! I think it might have been a surprise to the meteorologists as well, they failed to mention it yesterday morning! It was not much just about an inch, but it was nice to see since we missed the first snow due to Thanksgiving travels. The best part about it snowing in the metro area means that it is snowing in the mountains, which in turn means GREAT skiing! So you know what I will be doing this weekend...yeah! Here are a few pics I snapped before I was off to work, or rather snow surprise traffic, geez you would've thought we were in Texas with how slow the traffic was moving! Anyways enjoy!:

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Mom Beal said...

Welcome back to Colorado and the gift of snow! How fun to see snow covering your own driveway and trees and bushes. Isn't home ownership the greatest? Love the pictures. Enjoy a weekend of skiing in the mountains!

Mom Beal