veinte ocho

Ashley came to visit last weekend for our 28th birthdays!!! We partied like it was 1999...actually that is true statement, because in 1999 we were in college living together & celebrating together, ahhh the good ole days! We had fun filled weekend including, spa treatments, a birthday bash party, shopping, & fine dinning. It was a great weekend spent with my great & wonderful friend Ashley!!! Here are a few moments captured from our fab weekend:

Before the big birthday bash Friday night:

Drinking like we were young again, or at least holding onto what is left of our twenties, cheers:

Of course we played a mean game of guesstures:

The boys playing guesstures, or crying because they were losing:

Somehow Nat got a little confused with the candles, but I thought hey we look pretty good to be 82:

Corrina got a little bored with us:

Saturday night, at Bella Bistro:

Flowers that Nat got Ashley & I, he scored major brownie points:

And of course re-living the college days meant Ashley once again was my muse/model:

And to everyone involved: thanks for the birthday love:

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Rory and Cindy said...

Happy birhday...a while ago! Remeber when we were at the state tournment over your 16th bday and your mom brought red velvet cake? Fun times...i think that is when I officially made red velvet my favorite cake! I wish we were going to be home over Thanksgiving it would be so fun to catch up, unfortunately we are stuck here:( We'll be home for Christmas though.