Fun with Photoshop

Do we like the added texture? See below post to view original before texture was added!


LivingTheLife said...

I like the picture with and without the texture...it is beautiful anyway you look at it...I kind of like the texture because it gives the effect of looking through something to see it...like a screen or such!

Love the snow...glad you finally got a bit of the white stuff...have fun in the mountains...I know the snow had to make 2 Colorado residents very happy...well and all the other skiers, too...

Love you forever,
Mom <><

P.S. Love your new header...where did you get that...did you design it???

Laura said...

I'm w/ your mom on this one. Love the pic both ways. I've decided you are incapable of taking a "bad" picture of anything. Also, regarding previous blog... I LOVE the picture of you, Nat, Em and M. I think your mom should put that in her Christmas cards that she probably won't send out this year :)!!!!
Love ya bunches!
Auntie Laura

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful out there. Hope all is well at the new place. Tell Nat I said hello and that he needs to shovel the driveway!


Anonymous said...

give me texture!!!