Chasin' the Pow Pow

Powder Hounds: chasing the powder! And we did just that a couple of weeks ago, we were the powder hounds! We made a ski weekend of it by staying in the mountains! Let me paint you a picture: La Quinta, 5 people, 3 dogs, in one room, minutes from the slopes. To some that might sound a little crazy, but to others it sounds like heaven! It only seemed a little crazy when we were trying to sleep with the sounds of snoring, farting, & dogs collars clanging, but after a hard day of skiing and a stiff cocktail all those sounds sound like..........well the same, but are a little less annoying. Saturday Nat & I journeyed to Beaver Creek where we were met with a clear blue sky & powder up to our quads. Skiing in powder that deep is quite a feat & can be exhausting and exhilarating at the same time! We ventured into the trees where I learned how a double ejection face plant in powder feels, not too bad, but getting your skis back on is another story. Nat has pictures of my display, which I will get from him and post at a later date. Sunday we went skiing at Arapahoe Basin! Where the mountain is steep & the weather is always cold. But the great thing about A-Basin is the after skiing part! If you get there early enough you can park your car in the parking lot closest to the mountain....so after you are done you ski to your car, let the dogs out to run around the mountain, & fire up the grill! Ahhh life as a Coloradan ain't too bad!

The view of the mountain from our car/picnic spot:

The group grilling:

The scenery with a twist:


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LivingTheLife said...

Cool pics...Jackie...I hope you get your web-site up and running soon...or ETSY...cos people love your pics...just sayin~

I love all of them...but the last picture is just gorgeous...the blues...and your little twist...way cool!

Love you forever,

Rory and Cindy said...

I am so jealous! Great pics...as always!