The Cabin

For the 4th of July weekend Nat, Corrina, Rachel, Val, Jordie, and I piled into Nat's car and headed up north towards the Redwoods. Our destination: Maria's cabin (Rachel's mom)located in Branscomb, CA, which is north of San Fran. The first day of travel ended with howls and rustling. We stopped off about halfway to camp for the night problem was there was no available campsites. After being turned away from 2 sites, one of which we were thankful, we decided we would find an "off the road place" and camp there. After scraping up and down old logging roads we finally found what looked to be a good site, as best we could tell in the dark. We started setting up camp when we heard a loud rustling just a few feet away from the tents, assured by Nat that everything was ok, we continued with the set up. Tired from all the traveling we turned in for the night. Soon the mystery animal rustling around to our right was joined with howling dogs and then coyotes. It was a symphony of nature that allowed only a little shut eye for all of the campers. We awoke early that morning and continued our journey North. On the way we went through San Fran & Sonoma county, where we stopped off at 2 wineries. One for lunch and one for tasting. Finally we arrived at Maria's late in the evening on Saturday. We stayed at the cabin for 2 days. We enjoyed, swimming in the river, hiking, biking, relaxing, peaceful nights (only the sound of the rushing river), and good company. It was a great trip for all of us and a much needed time of relaxation. We headed back on the 4th and took the less scenic, but faster way home. Our arrival in the city was perfect timing: we saw a multitude of different firework shows. I have created a website so you can view the trip. There were too many good ones to pass up. Click on the link below:

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Rachel said...

dude, these pictures are AWESOME!!! i'm definitely going to want to put some of them in an album.... it'll be hard picking which ones!!!