Skater Dude!

With many questionable excuses for leaving the house and stretching of truths on my part Nat' birthday gift is done! With everyone's traveling schedules I decided to give Nat the skateboard last night so the reveal could be enjoyed by all involved. I told Nat we had to pick up his gift because I special ordered it and I wanted him to get it tonight. Blind folded, with only a few odd looks from other cars, I drove an indirect route to Pravda (I didn't want to give our destination away). I carefully guided my blindfolded husband to the entrance of the store where Val and Rachel were standing with board in hand. After his pupils adjusted (it took a bit) he was a little perplexed as to why we were there! Then Val handed him his board and said Happy Birthday Man! I think overall he was pretty impressed and excited! Val did a great job on making the board and of course I pitched in with the design. It is a one of a kind custom board made by a friend and wife...not too many people can say that about their skateboards!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! I just realized there was a button for comments! This is great. The picture of Corrina is wonderful. Nat will be skateboarding in Colorada!
The surf board is fabulous too! Maybe you've found your niche! Congratulations on two terrific pieces of art.
Love, Jenny