Snow Stories

With the recent dumping of snow on Golden I have learned a few new things about driving in the snow.

1. Yes, you can get stuck backing out of your own driveway. Thank you to my good neighbor, his shovel, and ice cream rock salt I was able to make it to my doctor's appointment only 5 minutes late.
2. Some hills are not approachable in an Acura TSX.
3. Sometimes getting back into your own driveway is not possible. So, it is ok if your back bumper is technically on the sidewalk (says me).
4. Practicing do-nuts (to learn what to do in a "crisis" situation) in the Coors Parking lot is not a good idea. According to the Coors police there are cameras and they "big brother" were watching. What we were doing was considered reckless driving and could result in 12 points against your driver's license, $1,000.00 fine, plus jail time. Luckily, we were let free with a warning and stories of many tragedies as results of reckless driving.
5. Oh and momentum, momentum, momentum when driving up hills and the driveway. Because once you stop you are out of luck sucka: a.k.a.: A Texas driver.

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