Celebrating the 4th in Gold Hill

This fourth we journeyed up the mountain to visit our friends, Brian & Lucy, at their home in Gold Hill. We always have a great time in Gold Hill....beautiful surroundings, great food, & wonderful friends, what more could you ask for?!

Our lovely host/hostess with the most/mostess: Brian & Lucy:

The spread of delicious homemade goodies (even the lemonade & apple pie were homemade!):

Not only are humans at peace in Gold Hill, so are our beloved pets. Corrina doesn't stop smiling when she gets to roam free in Gold Hill (except here, she is politely begging for some of the yummy food)

This is Elle, she is a bernese mountain dog...she was so sweet! She came with her mom and sister...I think I want one:-) My heart melted when she sat in my lap because she was afraid of the fireworks...I mean look at that face!

I of course always have fun in Gold Hill because there is always something cool to take pictures of:

And what's a 4th of July post without fireworks?:


LivingTheLife said...

WOW!!! Jackie...those pictures make me want to move to Gold Hill...especially if Lucy will stay around and cook some of those delicious looking meals. I love all the pictures...and I must admit...that sweet puppy has a darlin' face...I'm sure she was hard to resist!

You have some exceptional pictures included in this blog...love the old Ford pick up...did I tell you I want an old green Ford pickup, step side...anywhere from 1946 to 1956...yea, I think that Ford you pictured would work just fine...if it were fixed up!!

Love you forever,

Natalie Jane said...

Seriously girl, you have talent.

Rory and Cindy said...

Yum...the pictures of the food are making me soooo hungry!