Sea of Yellow

Saturday Nat, Corrina, & I took a scenic drive up Guanella Pass to view the aspens changing to their vibrant fall color; yellow!

It was amazing to see the stark yellow popping out from the dark evergreens. Truly a day spent in awe of mother nature and her luring spectacle named fall.

Even though it was raining we couldn't help but get out of the car a frolic around in the aspen forest.

Caught a raindrop on this one:

At the top, roughly 12,000 feet high..where the rain turned to snow:

On the way back down the rain cleared and we stopped off and found this little treasure:

I asked my on-staff geologist, Nat, why the rocks appeared to be white. His answer,"mineral deposits" My response, "oh cool!" The rocks had a variety of colors/minerals deposited on them:

A few details for the soul:

And of course we can forget a couple for the starving artists:


Brent said...

pictures are beautiful!! i was actually in denver/fraser last month and thought about you...but i was only passing through and unfortunately didn't have time to stop and visit. i went to crooked creek ranch for the wild at heart men's conference. it was great. wonder if nat would be interested next year??

hope you are doing well!


LivingTheLife said...

You KNOW I love all those pictures...FALL is my favorite time of year. You captured some beautiful scenary and you guys are so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place.

I think it's cool how you have a resident geolist on hand...and he has a resident artist on hand...two totally different perspectives on the same thing and both of them are interesting & beautiful.

Love you forever,

Simply Me... said...

Jackie, Thanks for sharing the great picture's I just love fall, don't you ? Hope all is well... Have a great week-end!

Lanny :o)

Rory and Cindy said...

I LOVE the pics...so beautiful. You guys are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Amber said...

Beautiful pics Jackie! It was great to see you on Saturday! Call me next time you are in town!

Simply Me... said...

Jackie, come on over I have to ask you something?


Mom Beal said...

So many people live in beautiful places, but don't take the time to see the wonder right in front of them. Both you and Nat embrace life to the fullest and take the time to savor the seasons. Love living life vicariously through your camera!

Mom B
PS Fall is my favorite season!