family photo shoot

For Christmas, Nat, Marcus, Emily, & I gave my parents a family photo shoot as their gift! It was a fun time, especially for me running back and forth each shot & checking the focus, light meter, and composition and all back again & again after the shutter release timer went off! I am beginning to think the $600 for the wireless remote might have been worth it...well maybe not?! Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Group hug:

Pretty Fam:

Love these of Marcus & Emily:

I love capturing personalities and the affection of loving relationships:

My beautiful mommy:

More favs of Marcus & Emily:

Marcus & Emily took turns behind the camera to catch some cute ones of Nat & I:

More family shots:


Kristi Stubbe said...

Jackie! You have such a great looking famiy. Looks like that was so much fun. You are an amazing photographer. I love your stuff!!

LivingTheLife said...

What an incredible day we had...and now we have all these wonderful pictures you took to remind us of how much fun we had.

You did an AWESOME job...I'm so pleased with EVERY picture...and that is something when I even like my own photos. You did GREAT...

We are so fortunate to have you as our very own "family" photographer, you make us all look so good and you certainly captured that fun-filled day! I hope anyone out there thinking about using you as their photographer DOES...b/c I can assure them...you will not disappoint!

Love you forever,

Anonymous said...

I love you family shots. It is the only way I can keep up with you guys. You are such a great photo. person. Beckie Breese

R. said...

look at you, fashion plate!! aMazing pix - you were right, your mom is gorgeous!! great ideas for the shots. xoxo! ~rachel