Last weekend Nat & I headed to Texas, one last time, to see little miss katie comiskey marry justin scott and of course to hang in the ole casa one last time before my parents made their move to Sacramento!

Katie's wedding was a wedding planners dream (way to go Toni & Katie)! No detail was left untouched or unplanned. I am sure if Martha Stewart could see pics of this wedding she would foam at the mouth. Not to mention to bride was absolutely beautiful! Congrats to Justin & Katie! I of course had a blast shooting pics of the wedding extravaganza! Here are a few (or a lot) of my favs:

The reception:

Table Assignments:

Thank goodness for flip flops & the fans (it was sweltering in true Texas form) :

The awesome Dance Floor that Mike made:

The food, mmmm! There were stations of different treats: sweet station, ice cream station, candy station, pearls of wisdom...

All the lights hanging from the trees looked awesome:

And of course one of me & the hubby:

I decided to grab a couple of pics of the house, it was a great place to grow up! I am excited for my parents and their new adventure!


My favorite tree in the field:

On Sunday we were able to squeeze in a quick breakfast before we had to catch our flight & Marcus' had to go to work. Marcus made an amazing breakfast which I had an amazing time taking pics of:

The kid'z all together on the couch for a group shot:


Marcus & Emily were dog sitting, I cannot remember his name but I thought he was a handsome one:

I wish I could take credit for this photo because of it's awesomness, but I cannot, Emily snagged my camera a snapped this cute one of corrie:

All in all it was a great trip. as you can see:-)


LivingTheLife said...

Jackie...The pictures are awesome...I especially like that you got so many great details...and the one of the windmill all lite up...I think Toni/Mike will love that one...most suitable for framing in my opinion!

Loved the pics of the old homestead...you were right, it was an awesome place to raise a family...loved the address numbers...too cool...I'll have to get a print of that one...

You guys all looked so cute Sunday morning...loved having us all together one last time in Arlington.

Love you forever,

Emily said...

Great pics, the windmill is my favorite and the puppies are especially cute too.

Simply Me... said...

OMGosh where have I been I don't think I've ever seen so many picture's at once LOL love them what a cool wedding alot of thinking went in to planning that one:)


Toni said...

Jackie . . . I've looked at the pictures countless times, so thought it was time to leave a comment. They are beautiful! I don't think I could pick a favorite! You take beautiful shots. We've all looked at them and enjoyed them. Thanks for posting . . love you. Toni