baby boy beal

As most of you know now, we are expecting our first due 1.22.2010! We are very excited & can hardly wait his arrival! It has been amazing to see him kick, flip, & fold on the sonogram screen. I can't imagine what it will be like to see him do all of these tricks in person!

Proof that we are having a boy, I still have a little trouble making it out, but I am going to trust the experts on this one :)

His perfect little head:

Look at how much he has already grown, this is our boy at 8 weeks:

And my favorite of all his pictures, my little peace baby! Does this mean he is going to be a peaceful baby? Here's hoping!

And now the embarrassing part, the belly pics.

At the continental divide, I was 19 weeks here:

Nat made me do it, as you can tell a bare belly was a little chilly at that elevation:


LivingTheLife said...

AWWW...I love all the pics. I'm with you on trusting the experts...I do not know how they can tell he's a boy from that picture...oh...well! they know stuff.

What a beautiful baby boy...a beautiful mommy and her sweet belly. We are beside ourselves for you, Nat and the entire family. This is going to be an awesome adventure.

Love you forever,

R. said...

omg, so cute, both of you!!!!

Rachel Kerbel said...

Congrats Jackie! You will absolutely LOVE having a boy-they love their mommies!!!!!!they do get into trouble though! Carson got a note home from school b/c he tied someone's shoelaces together during instruction time-to see if it made him 'hop'. NICE!!!
I am sooooo happy for you, what a blessing!

The Lauren Tree said...

Congratulations, Jackie! How exciting! Please keep us posted on your progress!

Alyson said...

Congrats guys! I always love checking your blog...