my maternity session...

I armed Nat with my camera & some instruction & this is what we came up with! I am 37 weeks here! Hopefully I will not regret having my bare preggo belly plastered on the web for everyone to see :)


LivingTheLife said...

That's the most perfectly beautiful baby bump I've EVER seen. I would say at 37 weeks it's a tad bigger than a bump...but I will also say you're ALL baby...baby!

Nat did a GREAT job...you both look radiant in your pictures...you know I love them all...but a couple of them really have won me over...big time!

Love you forever...and we can't wait!!


Jennifer said...

I couldn't agree more with "Lolly" aka Teresa. You are all BABY! Nat did a wonderful job shooting and you did a fabulous job composing. What a precious little boy we are all anxiously waiting to meet.

Gramma...Nana, oh gosh the pressure is on to decide.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! You two are going 2 be the best parents ever! When will our little brown-eyed boy get here?? Or he could have blue....I just wonder!