oh yes I am in love....

A few of the MANY faces of mr. walker

Bits and pieces that make him so stinking cute:

Giving his lollie some love:

Yes, he's naked and loving it!


Anonymous said...

i lurve him!

Mom B said...

What a lover! We are missing so much....can't wait to give him lots of hugs and kisses soon (and soon isn't soon enough!!)!

Love him to pieces....Grammie

LivingTheLife said...

These pictures capture the "essence" of Walker...he's so adorable and photogentic! Hmmmm...sounds a bit like his mommy! I see bits of you in him and I see Nat in him as well...I think as he grows older and developes his own personality...we will see both of you in his expressions, mannerisms and beauty...I mean w/you as his mom and Nat as his dad...this child can't go wrong!

Loving the Lollie love picture...I may have to beg for a copy of that one...he looks as content as I felt holding him! Awww...he's such a blessed child...in so many ways.

Give him some sugars...and snuggles from Lollie & Pop...we can't wait to see him again, very soon!!

Love you forever,