The Carpet Man

On Saturday the carpet man came. We now have new spotless carpet. It has really warmed up the place.
It was an interesting day. I was flying solo per Nat being in Vegas for his bach party. So Corinna and I chilled outside on the back porch while they quickly finished the 2 bedrooms. With that speedy workmanship in mind I set off to the park with Corinna and camera in hand. We frolicked around in the dandelions as I took pics of her then returned a couple of hours later. To my surprise they were not yet done. So after another walk, 7 eleven run, 250 pics, another walk, a sit out on the curb, and a few phone calls the apt. was now enterable...not done, but I could go inside. So with tejanno music blaring Corinna and I sat in the back room until I hear the magical words, "miss please sign." Then there was silence, no more sounds of tejanno music or stapling, just they joyous sounds of new crunchy carpet.

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