The Circus is in Town

Our Front Door

No, that is not a circus tent...it is our apt. We were so lucky to be visited by Mr. & Mrs. Termite, who brought along with them an entire colony. All the termites munched away at our home's yummy wood. Then one day our neighbor decided they had overstayed their welcome and called Mr. Fumigation. Lucky for us we got to double bag all of our food and anything else that might be ingested...lots of fun (joke) Then we were kicked out of our house at 8:00am Thursday and were instructed not to come back until Friday after 3:00pm. Luckily, our friends let us stay on their floor. Where we enjoyed a home cooked meal and spirits. Meanwhile, back at Pinehurst Lane Mr. & Mrs. Termite and their colony were being suffocated by Mr. Fumigation with his chemicals and inescapable tent. So we bid you farewell Mr. & Mrs. Termite and ask please do not come back, because it is not fun for anyone!

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