Back from Pasadena

Nat had a conference in Pasadena to attend and with my new found freedom Corrina and I decided to tag along. Pasadena is a beautiful town nestled in the valley of the San Bernadino mountains. It is filled with beautiful lush trees, incredible homes, and a trendy downtown area. Nat was in the conference for two days which meant 2 days of exploration for me. I of course "explored" many shops...some of which I returned with treasures (on sale treasures of course). I also explored the site of the Rose Bowl where the good ole Longhorns beat USC, I of course was beaming with Texas pride. In the evening when Nat was set free, we indulged our palates at the different restaurants the town had to offer. We both experienced fondue for the first time, we are still full from our 4 course meal of fondue (lot's of dipping). All in all it was a nice visit and a much needed change of scenery. Pasadena was a neat town with lots of fun things to do and see. *Pictured: The Rose Bowl Stadium and my favorite street in Pasadena. This street is close to the Rose Bowl site. It is lined with beautiful trees as well as amazing homes.

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