Diet Coke & Mentos

A CEO, writer, hydrogeologist, and a struggling artist made up the experimental team this past Friday night...An email floating around Nat's work showed the chemical reaction due to the mixture of Diet Coke and Mentos (the freshmaker) was the fuel to our delirium. It could not be ignored, it had to be done, and we had to do it! (To See Video of inspiration click on link below) So with the two men discussing the different hole placements on the coke bottle for optimal trajectory, the two ladies stood by wondering what they had got themselves into. With the squeal of the drill and mentos powder flying we all knew it was going to exhilarating. The ladies even stepped in and helped with the power tools...yes power tools. Once all holes were drilled it was time for lift off. Perched upon the fence post the coke bottle waited for it's moment of glory. The wire menots mechanism was carefully placed inside the diet coke bottle....3...2...1...pull and run like hell....out came the diet coke in heights never seen before. Diet Coke decorated the night sky and the car-less streets all that was missing were the sounds of heavenly horns. Our experiment was successful and our inner child had been set free! **Pictured: The prep of the diet coke bottle and close up of optimal hole positions. Rachel getting involved with the power tools and the glorious finale! ******Inspirational Link: http://eepybird.com/dcm1.html

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