Since the snow was such a grand event, I thought I would give you a few more pictures of what we experienced here in Golden,CO. Corrina especially loved the snow: as soon as her paws hit the snow she jumped up off all fours and then took off in many spastic laps around the yard. For you that know Corrina this is always fun to watch because as we say, "she only hits 3rd gear once a month" I guess the white stuff is the fuel to get her going!

Here is a pic of Nat and I posing in the snow. Corrina is in the right foreground looking at us weird because we are posing instead of running around like maniacs in the cold white stuff with her:

Yesterday the sun came out melting our winter wonderland. Most Golden residents were happy because it melted the icy roads, but there was one resident that was very upset that the snow was melting. You can see the look of confusion and sadness in her eyes as she tries to figure out why her fun magic powder is melting.

I like this picture because I find it very peculiar how the snow can collect on such a skinny surface without toppling over.

Most of the snow is gone today except for a few patches here and there in the shadows. Today is another sunny day, but snow is forcasted once again this weekend. It's just beginning.


Tracey said...

oh my fricken goodness!!!!!!! you got married girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yipee yahoooo!!!!! your thinking ..where the heck have you been??? remember we are out in queso-ville! California baby!!!! where the Mexicans run wild - That includes me too!!! Very happy for you.. snow looks beautiful. sorry if I am not informed , but where are you at now? this can't be texas...If I remember correctly, Illinois was it? or was it Oregon.... somewhere in the open beautiful country, that for sure...smooches sweetie. Tracey from good ol Vertis Inc in sunny Irvine California.

Paslay Parentals said...

Jackie...such great pictures...I love the one of you and Nat...I can't help but laughing when I think of the look Corrina is giving you...I think I've seen that look before...she's such a funny grand-dog...LOL

Love you,