White Fluff

This is the Black Walnut tree in my yard a couple of weeks ago:

This is the same Black Walnut tree today:

Today was a day of firsts:
-1st time I have lived somewhere that snow is definitely in the winter forcast.
-1st time I have ever seen snow in October.
-And the grandest: today was the first time I have ever driven in snow. (It was like driving into a white vortex)

A few hours after I awoke today I saw the snow. As the day progressed the snow continued and continued. It then started to stick and around 5:00 the white fluff was thick and bountiful. We (Nat, Corrina, and I) had a blast playing in the white winter wonderland! Here are a few more of my favs:


Rachel said...

looks gorgeous! we had another day of sunny, 70-degree weather. blaaaah. :)

cpaslay said...

Jackie...the pictures are great...I can't believe I missed the snow by just a few days...oh well!! They kept saying it would snow....just had to wait for a while to get the forcast right!! Keep those photos coming!!

zach24cuzz5 said...

"vortex"...good word!