Good Times with Good Friends

Val, Rachel, and Jordie made the long drive to come hang out with us here in Golden. It was so great to see the trio, it has been too long since I last saw them (Nat has seen them a few times on his business trips back to the OC). We had a blast...we went skiing, hiking, had a block party/ bonfire, a steak feast, drank, bowled, played guesstures, you know the usual! The house seems empty now without them here, we were sad to see them go. It was wonderful to be with old friends again. Now back to reality for all of us...boo!

These are the pics from our steak night adventures:

Nat and Val working off the big slab of meat:

Rachel comforting Val, after Nat ripped his jeans in a wrestling accident:

Too much wine, steak, or wrestling?

Man's best friend (Don't worry Val I won't say anything like, "ya he must be man's best friend to snuggle up to those feet", but I wouldn't dare) I think it's cute pic:

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Living the Life said...

So glad Val/Rachel were able to visit...I know how much they mean to you guys. I was surprised in the picture of Nat/Val...that they weren't playing guesstures...with Nat's intensity for the game...I would have thought that he was "acting" out a word/phrase...he is the best at guesstures!! That's why we love playing that game w/you guys.

Well...dad and I are certainly looking forward to the 8th...we may not be able to wrestle till our pants rip...geez...we can just sit down for that to happen...lol..anyway..we can't wait!

Hey...did you notice...I now have a blog...it is dull...plain...and not too exciting yet...but once I get to Co...hopefully you can show me how to spice it up...eh???

Love you forever,